Lima Al-Azzeh

Aliens Exist

In Foreign Affairs on August 8, 2012 at 9:03 pm

So young, so wise. Eight year old Ethan schools me at life. He also has himself a little smart aleck girlfriend to boot.

Ethan is a gorgeous eight year old, blonde Mowgli look-a-like with a head full of wisdom. I was fortunate enough, on a little break from our day of sunning and swimming, to get some insight into his thoughts on life and the universe in general.

The second grade proved to be a momentous time in young Ethan’s life. First, he learned where babies come from (a conversation I swiftly nipped in the bud lest he start asking me questions about the intricacies of this process …) but the second best thing that Ethan learned in the second grade is that aliens really do exist.

As we sat perched atop a rock overlooking the ocean Ethan, sporting his older sister’s big floppy hat and lips stained orange from licking the flavour off his Doritos, regaled me with his very detailed knowledge of alien life forms…

“You know how aliens’ heads look like this?”, he says, putting his fingers together into a football shape.

“Yeah, for sure”

“And their heads are this big?”, Ethan emphasizes this by stretching his fingers.

“Yah, yah”

“So that means that aliens are real!”

“Oh! Cool!”

“But you know what?”


“It turns out that aliens are actually just people who move here from other countries.”

School may be out for summer, but the lessons just keep coming.


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