Lima Al-Azzeh

Snippets from the Seabus: A Cry for Help?

In overheard on the seabus on November 24, 2010 at 1:56 pm

SeaBus by Paxel

The seabus transforms into a a future AA convention on its last sailing at around 1am, especially if the night coincides with a Canucks hockey game. Sometimes these trips are hilarious, many times they’re plain disgusting and other times I can faintly hear the whispers of a cry for help. 

Young drunk boy (slurring, wearing a Canucks jersey): So what do you want to do baby? You want to go home or come over?

Young drunk girl (passed out on her boyfriend’s shoulder): I just want to go to bed.

Young drunk boy: Ok I’ll take you to my house, we can go to bed at my house, but first let’s go to the liquor store and get a mickey.

Young drunk girl: Baby I can’t, I can’t drink anymore. You shouldn’t drink anymore too.

Young drunk boy: But babe! I’m sooo much better when I’m drunk.

  1. Yeah, I’m sure he’s sooo much better when drunk. Lol.

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