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Snippets from the Seabus: Skateboarding Existentialist

In Cultural Anomalies, overheard on the seabus on October 18, 2010 at 11:04 am


SeaBus by Paxel


The Seabus is a quirky mode of transportation; a short 12 minute passenger ferry carting people to and fro across the  Burrard Inlet. It’s the great equalizer of public transportation, with a capacity of up to 400 passengers commonly consisting of families, tourists, teenagers, students, seniors, legions of 9-5ers, and every now and again, one crazy, talking-to-himself loon. I often have my headphones on in order to keep the peace and maintain my sanity in the case of screaming toddlers and the like, but little do my fellow passengers know, the volume is often low enough to eavesdrop on other conversations. As such, I’ve overheard some really bizarre things…

There’s been a maelstrom of sites dedicated to this concept: snippets of conversations and  short, random quips that ultimately leave you either laughing or shaking your head in dismay, sites like Overheard in New York, Sleep Talkin’ Man, and the ever popular Shit My Dad Says. “Snippets from the Seabus” is my local version bringing you quips from some of the most bizarre, sometimes even profound, conversations that I’ve been privy to on my daily trips across the water.

The Skateboarding Existentialist

Young Lone Skateboarder: Isn’t it strange that everyone on here is so in their own little world? Like, this boat is just filled with a bunch of little worlds. Nobody talks to anybody.

Girl sitting across from YLS: I think the ride is just really soothing. It’s like we’re being rocked to sleep.

A line forms by the exit doors in preparation for disembarkment.

Young Lone Skateboarder: See? People can hardly wait to get off this super awkward quiet ride. Own little worlds I tell you.

If you’ve been privileged enough to overhear a remarkable conversation, or unfortunate enough to experience the degeneration of our society first hand on any mode of public transportation in Vancouver, please leave a comment!

  1. I usually missed all these kinds of conversations because I was the girl by the door sitting up, bundled tightly in her jacket dozing off to sleep.

  2. I love what you did here, I can picture those two perfectly.

    More posts like these, please!

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