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Couldn’t Have Said It Better … The Walrus

In Couldn't Have Said It Better, Cultural Anomalies, Other People's Opinions on August 24, 2010 at 10:27 am

A walrus, pastel sketch by Fridtjof Nansen, 1893

I think my friends are on to me …

Now that this blog is rolling, they’re starting to talk to me about Vancouver – everything from sharing their own experiences here to tweeting me articles about “deconstructing Vancouver’s culture” (thanks Josh!).

I realize now that there’s a host of other people in this city (and abroad) who live to marvel about Vancouver’s oddities and anomalies. I also think that any good publication (blog, what have you) can only be considered “good” if it at least nods in the direction of other people’s opinions on the topic, whether one may personally agree with them or not.

As such, check out these two enviably eloquent posts in The Walrus.

The first post, “A Tale of Two Cities“, originally appeared in the March issue of The Walrus and was penned by the talented and articulate Gary Stephen Ross. Here, Ross tells the story of “the Vancouver you see, and the one you don’t” where he seeks the truth about Vancouver beyond its well-known stereotypes.

The second post, “Return to No Fun City“, appeared in The Walrus Blog and was written by Stacey May Fowles. Fowles tells the story of her journey back to Vancouver  in an effort to find some closure and gain some insight as to why she had “failed” to find happiness here ten years ago. Told in parallel to the aftermath of a bad breakup, which consequently was one of the reasons why she hated Vancouver in the first place,  Fowles seeks to “rehash the what, why, and what-the-fucks of [her] fall out” with this city.


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