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Goodnight Euphoria

In Vancouver Events on August 3, 2010 at 4:13 am

Rainbow Flag by -Marlith-

“Religions and philosophies can never deliver the truth we most deeply desire. Our born destiny is the same as the first humans – to release our bodies, our whole beings, into feeling and expressing the deepest joy and ecstasy. In other words, dancing ourselves into heaven, enlightenment, peace, love” – Janine Gordon (Jah Jah) AdBusters, Sept. 2010: 1-4

Vancouver generally has an unfortunate reputation for being a stand-offish city. I met someone recently who had just moved here and he commented on the fact that he makes a conscious effort to smile at everybody he sees but is, more often than not, met with questioning looks or just blatant avoidance. I hated that I agreed with him, and hated it even more that this is the impression he received from my city.

Yesterday, my city redeemed itself tenfold. Although the PRIDE parade this year was a shameless display of corporate advertising, with a little actual Gay Pride mixed in, the feeling in the city later that evening was priceless.

My friend and I decided that we wanted to be in the thick of the excitement and truly celebrate PRIDE and all that it represents, sans corporate affiliations. Naturally, this meant heading to Vancouver’s gay Mecca – Celebrities. It was early in the evening, but the room was going in full swing. There were flashing lights and wriggling bodies everywhere. The music seemed to have no lyrics, but that isn’t to say that it was not imbibed with meaning. The room had its own pulse and upon entering the club, Vancouver as we knew it had faded away.

After standing on the sidelines watching all the assless chapped and shirtless people flail their limbs, we decided to take a deep breath and boldly seek the heart of the frey and the origin of Celebrities’ heartbeat.

We strung one another along into the middle of the dance floor and before we knew it we had completely surrendered ourselves to the music. I took a look around the room, making eye contact with the other wriggling bodies, sharing toothy smiles, arched eyebrows, and cheeky grins with whomever came across our path. On that dance floor, we communed with other human beings willingly and without fear of judgement or persecution.

In this place, the most mundane people were generously accepted, and the most outrageous were glorified. We all shared PRIDE in something that far surpassed being gay or straight; Caucasian, Asian or otherwise. Here, we shared the experience of being fundamentally imperfect humans and we shared the PRIDE of being genuinely free people. It was utopia realized.

I remembered once reading that there are eight phases, or aspects, involved before finally reaching “Nirvana” – that enlightened Buddhist state that sets a human free from the endless process of reincarnation and, more importantly, releases them from worldly concerns such as greed, hate, and ignorance.

That night, we didn’t need eight long phases to reach the state of enlightenment, for if in that moment a higher power had decided to end the world, I have no doubts that we would have all bounded skyward, as if our heads were filled with helium and our hearts were filled with air. Together, we would arrive at the heavenly gates elated and covered in silver sparkles.

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