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The “I Heart Twitter” Post

In Uncategorized on June 18, 2010 at 7:42 pm

Image by: Scott Hampson

My dear friend Ashley just sent me a message saying “p.s. I heart Twitter”, to which I replied “OMG Me too!”. It’s official folks, we’re complete dorks. I’m so glad we’re finally owning our grade nine reputations.

Several months ago, I took over tweeting for my company, which shall remain nameless (see I’m learning about all this Social Media privacy stuff …). I completely understood the benefits of Twitter from a business perspective. It enables a company to establish their credibility in their industry, to connect with their users and customers, to display thought leadership and innovation and countless more amazing things that can’t be done via traditional marketing methods alone. This is power networking at its peak!

In the meantime, I had set up a personal Twitter account in order to play around with the functions and use it as my own “testing” grounds. Sadly, this account was neglected for a long, long time. I just couldn’t find a reason why a personal account would benefit me, and I’m not so self involved as to think that others really need to know what I’m up to 24 hours of the day.

However, three recent events in my life prompted me to revisit my personal Twitter #fail: (1) Ashley started tweeting. (2) I had numerous friends asking me for Social Media advice, knowing I do it for a living, and I felt like a complete fraud offering up ideas and suggestions when I’ve been so delinquent with my own account. (3) I took the Social Media Fundamentals class through UBC’s Continuing Education program and found myself at the beginning of a deep love affair with all things Social Media. (I know, the red lights are flashing for me too, “Dork alert, Dork alert!”)

Since engaging with the tweeples in the Twitterverse again, I’m happy to say that I was sorely mistaken about my initial assumption that Twitter holds no value on a personal level. In the past month or so, I have never felt more connected to my community, and here’s why:

By engaging with my Vancouver community on Twitter I:

– Found out about exciting events in and around Vancouver by following Tweets from local movers and shakers. To my happiness, I found out about an awesome art event called  The Cheaper Show –  200 Vancouver artists will display 400 pieces of art for purchase at the low price of $200 apiece. (Ok, Ashley also happens to be in this show, shameless plug I know, but what sort of a friend would I be if I didn’t highlight it?)

– WON two tickets to an amazing annual event called “Thoroughbred – A Day at the Races” – Presented by The Gatsby Social Club & Supported by Media Sponsor Vancouver Foodster. This event celebrates the charm, opulence and charisma of the olden days; think fascinators and seersucker suits! (Courtesy of faithful Vancouverite foodie Richard Wolak, “Vancouver Foodster“)

– Read rave reviews, well tweets actually, of “Buddy” – an Arts Club rock ‘n roll musical homage to Buddy Holly (leading me to promptly book two tickets for myself and a friend to see the show!)

– Connected with the fine ladies from Groupon and heard about amazing deals in my city! Resulting in my being the  proud owner of of two coupons to the tapas bar Mis Trucos and one coupon to dine at Cork & Fin.

–  Helped my friend Ry get the ball rolling for his band’s Twitter account (@TheBrassAction) and supported him in connecting with the Vancouver music community on Twitter. (Did I mention that I do so confidently now that I’m able to set an example?)

I’m sure there have been and will be more ways that Twitter will enhance my personal life, and like you, I can’t believe I just said that.

But the truth’s the truth here, I feel like I’m embracing my city like never before and I am so glad  to finally be connecting with others who also share a love for our fair-, albeit schizophrenic, weathered friend.

  1. Let’s admit it, Twitter is taking over as a “real time” communication, marketing and plain old news hub. If they solve their network outage problems, that is.

    But overall, its a great thing!

  2. I heart twitter, but not as much as I heart you! xoxo

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