Lima Al-Azzeh

A Little Bit of N’Awlins in Vancouver

In Uncategorized on May 17, 2010 at 3:52 am

Though Vancouver is a multicultural city, it’s sometimes difficult to find non-standard places where you can explore a vastly different culture and its cuisine. Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese and West Coast fare can be found in spades, but what of the other parts of the world?

Ouisi Bistro is a boutique restaurant located on 14th and Granville, Vancouver, B.C. and serving up the finest in New Orleans/ Louisiana style cooking. The menu consists of modern versions of Creole and Cajun classics like cornbread, chicken and duck sausage gumbo, jambalaya, and fried catfish. They also serve up a terrific weekend brunch.

Rivalling the excellent food is the restaurant’s selection of libations. This place has the best Caramel Apple Martini Vancouver has ever seen, with just the right amount of sweet and sour to make it go down real easy. Maybe a little too easy.

Ouisi’s also offers up nightly food and drink specials, my personal favourite being the Sunday drink special which allows you to choose from any drink special of the week!

The music and décor combine to create a sultry setting, perfect for accommodating both intimate gatherings or larger parties. The walls are filled with captivating paintings each capturing a memorable moment in Black History, from President Barack Obama in the middle of his inaugural speech to Louis Armstrong belting out a raspy tune. The music offers the best in contemporary jazz with playful renditions of songs by popular artists such as Justin Timberlake. Their courtyard, tucked away in the back of the restaurant, offers an unexpected getaway amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

This place is so good it will make you want to flash your waitress for some mardi-gras beads; which is likely the fastest way to get them to stop serving you those delicious Caramel Apple Martinis …

Ouisi Bistro

3014 Granville Street

Vancouver, BC

V6H 3J8

Tel: 604 732 7550



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