Lima Al-Azzeh

A Case of P.O.D

In Uncategorized on March 12, 2010 at 10:46 pm

Photo by Ryawesome

Definition – Post Olympic Depression: (1) The return to an unfriendly and grey Vancouver; weather-wise and culturally. (2) Experiencing an overwhelming need to purchase discount “Canada” and maple leaf paraphernalia left over from Olympics hey-day.

Everywhere I go I seem to overhear conversations expressing similar sentiments … it’s gone … it’s really, really gone.

Years spent preparing our city for this momentous occasion; many long, intense hours worked to welcome the world to our eerily beautiful landscape. Countless amounts of traffic jams and detours and construction men crowding the city streets like tiny, soldiering ants. All the controversy and the speculations and the heated debates about the economy and the effects of this and that on this and that. After all that, it’s hard to believe it’s really over.

My commute to work isn’t nearly as friendly or exciting as it was for the two weeks when the Olympics were here. The streets are now speckled with resigned office workers who are back to sporting their conservative tan trench coats and their responsible wool grey slacks. Austere navy blues and dismal heather greys crowd the skytrain stations, replacing the floods of bright of reds, whites and other festive national colours.

What I found particularly odd was how quickly it all went away.  The pavilions seemed to have been taken down overnight, as if it is was all some grand illusion or a really long dream. As if less than 24 hours before beers weren’t raucously being spilled on their floors as excited crowds cheered and celebrated.

Photo by Ryawesome

The clock counting down to the Olympics, and later counting down to when it would end, was promptly removed. The “photo-opportunity” bobsled was removed from the Art Gallery grounds, leaving behind an empty patch of hollowed mirth. There are no more eager lineups outside venues, or laser beams flooding light into the night sky. There is simply no more.

Every once in a while, I’ll see a glimmer of bright blue from a volunteer-worker’s uniform, or see a hint of an Olympic pass peeking out from under a scarf, and I start to get a little nostalgic, even a little weepy.

Somewhere in that multi-billion dollar budget, it may have been wise if VANOC found a few spare dollars to supply the citizens of Vancouver with some therapy to overcome post-Olympic grief. At the very least, they should consider spending some loonies and toonies on brightening up the city streets with flags and festive colours, just until we can gather our bearings and truly move on.

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